Title: PKI
Date: 20.03.2019

Public Key Infrastructure

Compumatica offers to its communication partners a trustful, authentic communication with integrity per e-mail based on a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). As solution we use the Compumatica product CompuMail Gateway.

For this form of communication the following prerequisite has to be met by the partners:

In order for our communication partners to be able to verify a certificate's validity status, Compumatica publishes certificate revocation lists (CRLs) on a regular basis. These lists contain the serial numbers of all revoked but not yet expired certificates. The revocation lists are signed by Compumatica with the corresponding CA keys. The CRLs have to be updated on a regular basis, which limits their validity period to a short time span.

 Download of the e-mail CA certificate with the subject: CN=Compumatica E-Mail CA, O=compumatica, C=eu.

 Download of the current CRL of the e-mail CA.