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White papers

Here you can find our white papers.

  • White Paper – Security Management Station
    A central, easy-to-handle management station is a main prerequisite to fulfil the security requirements. The Security Management Station is such a security management system. It follows the centralized management approach and gives the user an overview of the entire security system. The Security Management Station is part of the CryptoGuard VPN Security System, which contains additionally the CryptoGuard VPN device and the CryptoGuard VPN Client. Furthermore, the Security Management Station can also manage the CryptoBastion, an application level gateway. Combining the two security systems CryptoGuard VPN and CryptoBastion under one management system allows the user to create powerful network security solutions.1.5 MByte SHA1: ddea0fc0951eeeaa46e5156090fa149f91814837
  • White Paper - MAS
    Secure Authentication Services: MAS-Server131 KByte SHA1: fc19efa2a888641ac27546706fd22f61e1cf958f
  • White Paper - CryptoWall
    The firewall is a security system between the private network requiring protection and the public, insecure network. All traffic between the two networks must pass through the firewall. The function of a firewall is to provide a barrier between the two networks.1.1 MByte SHA1: e993aa5f9f991b55152fa159a09c12cc22c63705
  • White Paper – CompuWall
    The CompuWall is an Application Level Firewall with web management, especially designed for small and medium-sized networks. It protects the borders of different network segments by means of physical separation. Misconfiguration is prevented due to the practiced principle "Everything not explicitly allowed, is strictly prohibited".879 KByte SHA1: d3940e740eddc41741d98d26fa0b4a82f3ea211b
  • White Paper – CompuMail Gateway
    Nowadays more and more business transactions require e-mails to be encrypted and/or given digital signatures to ensure that all transferred information is effectively protected against attackers and to prevent it from being read by unauthorized outsiders. Ensuring that e-mail communications are secure and confidential requires a range of protective measures. In addition to protection against viruses and spam this includes checking data and e-mail contents and also encrypting e-mails and their attachments.1.5 MByte SHA1: 9eb09cb6c9444ea8914454ccafa8346403537545
  • White Paper – CryptoGuard VPN
    Network Security today ranks high on the list of any company's concerns. Almost all of a company's relevant information is exchanged in electronic form via networks. Since the network technology used may assist attackers in many ways, these networks don't generally guarantee security or confidentiality. For this reason, security has to be added to a company's networks. The pure security requirement can be fulfilled by integrating additional security devices into the existing network. The CryptoGuard VPN is such a security device that can be easily integrated into an existing network, enforcing security and confidentiality.1.8 MByte SHA1: a44ab7ca12632abd0127be736158d81d9d8fa646
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21.12.2018 15:34


There is a vulnerability for the Utimaco CryptoServers (CS_AF_CVE-2018-19589. Please read this document to see if you are effected.

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02.06.2017 15:51

SMS 6.20.03 released

Compumatica secure networks is pleased to release the SMS Version 6.20.03 for SLES 11. This SMS version is available for SLES11 SP1/SP4 32Bit but also for the SLES11 SP1/SP4 64Bit architecture. Zypper can be used to install the SMS RPM package. Zypper is a package management engine which supports ...

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02.06.2017 15:52

CompuWall 7.20 released

Compumatica secure networks is pleased to release the CompuWall Version 7.20. Please refer the Release notes to get more information.

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